Aligning yourself with Mother Nature

Crystals are a wonderful way to inform your practice of working with the Moon, but also to bring energy, balance or calm to any situation in life – I guarantee if you have a need there will be a crystal for it…

Ancient communities have been using crystals for some 40,000 years, and one of the earliest mentions of their use was in Plato’s account of Atlantis. The origins of crystals being used as a holistic tool date back to the Ancient Egyptians and Romans, with modern day crystal use being linked to the British, Indian and Native American cultures.

Crystals used in a holistic nature assist us by matching our energetic vibration to their own, and usually raising it to allow us to thrive and achieve our goals. Of course, they also make beautiful homewares as a bonus!

Lina Della Luna - Crystals for sale
Lina Della Luna - Crystal for sale
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Lina Della Luna - Tailored Crystals for sale
Lina Della Luna - Bespoke Crystals for sale
Lina Della Luna - Crystals gift boxes for sale
Lina Della Luna - Crystals gift box
Lina Della Luna - Crystals to buy

Bespoke Crystal Shopping

One of my favourite services is to design bespoke crystal gift boxes for clients.

Maybe you know your loved one loves crystals but you don’t know where to start with their gift?

After a few questions about the recipient I can intuitively source and select a beautiful crystal(s) for you to gift without having to have done any research or locating of sellers – easy! I can also create you a personal box if you have an interest in crystals but have never bought any before.

I only purchase crystals from suppliers who I know have ethical standards when it comes to crystal sourcing.

I asked Lina to create a personalised crystal gift set as a valentines gift for my wife. Lina took great care to understand what areas may need most attention and my wife loved her deeply personalised crystal set with hand written parchment and bath salts. My wife says she genuinely feels a connection with the crystals and they are beautiful too.


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