It’s Eclipse Season, do we panic now?

October 10, 20230

Time to panic right??? Eclipses are harbingers of doom!!! Aren’t they???


Hopefully those of you who have been following me for a while will know that I firmly believe that Eclipse Season is absolutely not a time to panic.

Of course to our ancient ancestors, they saw an Eclipse in the sky and were like ‘WTF IS THAT!’ and then if something bad did happen, of course, it was that dark sky magic to blame.

Saying that, that doesn’t mean that the Eclipse won’t bring unexpected change.

The Universe can use them to give us a cosmic shove in the direction of where we are supposed to be. We can find major life events occur or minor changes which end up becoming major shifts.

Of course at a New Moon, this can mean new beginnings, new unexpected opportunities, newness in the form of marriages, babies, new jobs… So Eclipses can bring a positivity that not many people talk about.

Make intentions based on what you really, really want.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Libra is on Saturday 14th October at 18:55pm BST or 10:55am PET or 13:55 EST.

Libra is the sign of balance. It is the sign of the ‘them’ rather than ‘I’. Are you enjoying harmony in your most important relationships?  If not, why not?

Is there something you need to do to create it?

online moon circle linadellaluna

Join me at my next online moon circle on Tuesday 17th October at 19:30pm BST where we will look into Eclipses and the folklore around them, before I lead you into a motivating visualisation. These sessions are so nourishing, I hope to see you at one very soon!


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