Why a Review is Good for You

August 30, 20230

Tonight’s Blue Super Full Moon in Pisces* has the potential to be both intense and/or satisfying, depending on your personal view of dealing with your ‘stuff’.

A Blue Moon as it’s the second in August, and appearing closer and brighter to us, with this Moon comes the end of a 12 month cycle. We have a full jaunt around the zodiac of release and forgiveness.

So how are you feeling?

Are you still holding on to things that do not serve you?

Or have you been diligent at ditching the shit regularly and are feeling lighter than ever?

Maybe your somewhere in between.

Sometimes it’s easier to ditch some things over others.

But if you did any releasing at all, conquered a fear, learned to forgive yourself, you are amazing!


I highly advocate for using the celestial moments as a nudge to check in with ourselves. How have the last 12 months been for you? Grab a journal and get asking yourself some deep questions. Better still, grab some oracle cards and ask them some questions. You can look back over these last twelve months of Full Moons and get deep.

Try some of these questions, either through journaling or with cards:

  • What do I need to release from this cycle?
  • What does moving forward into a new cycle look like for me?
  • Where should I focus my energy over the next six months?
  • Who is working with me at this time?

Another way to review at this Full Moon is to consider the period from the 20th February this year to now, as that was the New Moon in Pisces.

How have things gone for you regarding what your intentions were at that New Moon?

Successes? Are you striking things off the Vision Board?

Or have you got more work to do?..



Wednesday 30th @ 18:35 PST / 21:35 EST

Thursday 31st @ 02:35 BST



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