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Sometimes it all just gets overwhelming. From trying to make success of a business, to wanting to live a life that brings you joy, this world would have us hustling 24/7 and most of us at some point become unhappy with it.

This was me too and you know what, it really doesn’t have to be this way!

Do you know you need a more holistic approach to your business? Do you need a coach and mentor to help you unpack your business whilst taking care of your mind, body AND soul? 

I take on a limited number of 1:1 clients as your Holistic Business and Intuition Coach. I will use over 20 years experience of running my own successful and award-winning businesses, alongside holistic, spiritual and wellbeing tools to empower you with guidance that will enhance your daily life and entrepreneurial decisions.

I am here ready to help you step into the aligned life you deserve. This could be through helping you build or elevate your business in ways such as brand creation or next-level strategy, or to work through limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviours, or a mix of it all – spoiler alert, they tend to go hand in hand. I want to help you step into your most powerful self that you know you have within you. And as one of the UK’s first certified Moonologer’s™, I  can guide you through aligning with the natural cycles around us and reconnect to your most powerful tool, your intuition.

I will introduce you to lunar living; how you can not only be guided by the seasons and monthly lunations, but also how the practice of working with the moon’s cycles can really enhance your goal setting and decision making, allowing you to truly align yourself into consciously co-creating your best life, an exceptionally powerful tool when used by entrepreneurs in business.

Want to have a chat to see if I might be the right coach for you? Book in below for a 30 minute call with me and let’s see what magic we can create together.

“You are a godsend and I wouldn’t be this far along without you” – V, Ongoing coaching client


ONE OFF COACHING + MENTORING90 mins to focus on you


It may be that you don’t feel you need an ongoing coaching plan but there is something you would love a little help on, be it business strategy, a review of something, a spiritual question or you just need someone to talk to without judgement.

Book a one off session with me focussed on anything you wish.

I’ll send you a questionnaire beforehand to knuckle down what you want to focus on so we are both prepared and then we can focus during the session.

“You’re such a positive vibe! Hearing you lifts my soul”  – P




Intrigued how the cycles of the Moon can enhance your life personally?

If you are interested in working with the lunar cycles further then this personalised Moonology™ reading with me I will introduce you to how to use the lunar cycle, the impact of the Moon in your birth chart, the placement of your houses, and how you can specifically use the next 12 months of lunations to work in your favour and step into your most powerful self. During this video call of circa 90 minutes, I’ll empower you with the tools of how to use them going forward.

I’ll introduce you to the magic of lunar living, where we embrace not only setting intentions but also releasing things that are holding us back, and most importantly, regularly.

Looking at your personal astrology we’ll review the 12 Houses that rule different aspects of your life such as career, love and home life. You’ll become armed with the wisdom of how to work with every New and Full Moon going forward, completely tailored to your birth chart.

I’ll use my astrological knowledge to give any intuitive guidance that may be useful for you to know looking at your birth chart and if time allows, draw some oracle cards for you.

After the session you will receive a pdf document of the slides from our session and a chart showing where the next 12 months of lunations will fall for you based on your birth chart.

Note this is not a full birth chart reading but rather focussed on the Moon in your personal astrology.

“That was so brilliant – I feel validated.” – E


Spiritual Mentoring


As great swathes of us awaken, we can be shaken around us as we get uncomfortable to grow, and you may feel you need someone to work through it with you.

As your Spiritual Mentor I open my arms to you to and your journey. As a practicing intuitive, I am here to listen to your needs and intentions and help you work through whatever you need to move through – or indeed discover!

I will use various holistic, spiritual and wellbeing tools to empower you with guidance that will enhance your daily life and decisions. From working with the lunar cycles to leaning into your higher self and the messages that can come from your guides and other entities, I am here for it all. I may use tarot, crystal healing, meditations and visualisations on our journey together, taking care to work with what resonates with you.

Some days you may just need to chat, and I am ready to listen.

Maybe you are curious to learn more about spirituality and expand your conscious thinking? Book your free call to chat about your needs.

“Honestly you can NEVER leave my life ever.” – L, ongoing mentoring client




Have you heard about lunar living and are now curious about the position of the Moon and the planets are the time of your birth?

I’ll cast your birth chart and arm you with an invaluable astrologer’s insight to the fundamentals of your personality, from what motivates you to your potential weaknesses.

Many people read star signs in newspapers and palm astrology off as vague, but that’s no surprise, as the ‘star’ sign (actually the position of the Sun at the time of your birth) covers a whole range of people born in that month.

However, by casting your Natal or Birth chart, the celestial map of the exact sky at the moment you were born, we can decipher your Ascendant, or Rising Sign, which looks at the exact spot the sun was rising in the East that specific moment. This in turn provides a much more accurate representation of you in the Zodiac, and, using this information combined with the positions of the planets and how they may harmonise or clash, means I can empower you with detailed information and guidance about how you work, love, and think to enhance your daily life and entrepreneurial decisions.

Above all, I can show you the key to your purpose in this lifetime, and how you can move forward with this valuable information.

Note I practice astrology using the Western Tropical method, with Whole Sign (or Equal) Houses. Other astrologers may use different methods. As well as Chiron I also read the dark feminine asteroids in my practice, such as Black Moon Lilith, Vesta, Ceres, Juno, Pallas and White Moon Selena.




For those who already have a little knowledge of their birth chart or their rising sign but want lunar cycles and astrological coaching and guidance over a period of time, or if you are purchasing a Birth Chart and want to add real time detail, I will provide you with a PDF report cast from your birth details of your next 12 months of the Moon’s lunations ahead.

The report will give an outlook of how to use these lunations and what will be of the most importance to acknowledge in various aspects of your life, and how to work with them. Applied Moonology can result in increased confidence in your decision making, such as when to purchase property or travel for example.

ASK YOUR QUESTIONSIntuitive Guidance

Divination through card reading is an ancient art form and shouldn’t be confused with the doom-bringing bad press of the movie industry.

I don’t believe that these methods are fortune-telling, but rather I use my intuition to be a conduit for your own, choosing oracle or tarot cards in a reading that, in turn, activate your own intuition to give you answers or guidance you may be seeking.

It can also be a wonderful way of helping you to make that decision that you’ve been putting off, or to check in on your plans, and I offer a choice of oracle or tarot readings.

Head to my divination page for more.


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