Manifesting Circle for the New Moon

May 15, 20230

People ask me why I don’t seem to hold regular Moon circles and the honest answer is a mix of confidence and market saturation. Despite being a certified Moonologer, I admit I have been held back by thinking, do we really need more circles? But of course, my lovely clients keep asking me, and for this New Moon in Taurus, I felt this was the one.

Why? Because Taurus is the sign associated with our early pleasures.  Taurus rules our abundance and prosperity, it wants us to be successful and abundant, whatever that looks like to you.

We are souls living a human experience, and that includes all the good things. So why not ask for it?



Taurus is also about to get a visitor, with expansion planet Jupiter moving into the sign on May 16th. So with all this good luck around why not manifest what we want?

The supercar. The million pound windfall. The hot new lover.

Yep, everything that Taurus ruler Venus provides us, the exciting pleasures of this human experience.

And you know what, there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes we can be made to feel ashamed for wanting this kind of thing. That it is superficial or somehow un-spiritual.

WHY can’t we have nice things? After all, money DOES create happiness for many. Will I feel better if I don’t have to worry about my bills? Hell yes I will. Will I be able to spread more help to those who need it if I don’t have to worry about money? Hell yes I will.

Can you imagine if more of ‘us’ compassionate folk had more money to spread around to do good?

For this reason I have an online Manifesting circle next Monday (22nd) from 7-8pm GMT to UNASHAMEDLY call in our earthly desires.  Come join me to discuss with no judgement and I will lead you through a manifesting ritual as we will be firmly in the waxing cycle. Come join the fun by signing up below!



Call it manifesting, call it setting intentions.

But whatever you call it, call it in!



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