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Hi i'm Lina,

Welcome to my corner of the Moon. I am overjoyed to tell you I am a holistic business coach and spiritual mentor. An Anglo-Italian living in Cambridgeshire with my husband and our two cats, I am positive they were shamanic healers in their past lives. Having had a fair few of my own, I have a hunger for knowledge in all things metaphysical and in particular have a deep connection to our beautiful Moon. I also love to travel and indulge myself in all cultures on this beautiful Earth, largely facilitated by my work as an international professional photographer for over fourteen years and love to empower through photography.

I was always intuitive as a child, but growing up in a catholic household, many of my traits had to be curbed. I was ok collecting rocks and shells at the beach, constantly wanting to hang out with animals, listening to grunge music and wearing a bit too much black for a kid; but the incense burning and interest of the occult was quickly curbed in my early teens with ‘confirmation’ class. I struggled with depression and a direct correlation had been made. Fast forward to my 20s and the depression I thought I had shaken reared its head again at university, creating turmoil throughout my second year. It was only through forging a successful career for myself and an award-winning one at that, and yes, cliché of course, falling in love, did I shake it for the second time. 

But of course, I hadn’t really ‘dealt’ with it, I was merely being distracted by other things at any one time. And then towards the end of 2018 there was an incident which absolutely floored me. An incident which someone else may have been able to brush off, but it sent me into a spiral of anxiety and depression throughout the following year. But like a true Gemini with two masks, I was high functioning, you would never had known. Until one day I was trying to convince my doctor I had a thyroid problem; endless results constantly coming back negative, me constantly in tears in her room, struggling to sleep, tired and emotional, when she said ‘Lina you’re depressed.’ I was distraught. I wasn’t depressed anymore, that was 20s Lina right?

After a very helpful course of CBT helped me deal with the issues that meant that initial incident floored me in the first place, coinciding with working with a very intuitive business/life coach, I was referred for talking therapy to work on some deeper stuff. And then the pandemic hit, effectively shutting my business, and I got lost in the system. After hitting rock bottom on my birthday, being too depressed to get out of bed, I decided one day to do an online hiit workout. And it made me feel great. So I did it again. And again. My coach suggested I try meditation before the hiit sessions, so I downloaded an app and did a 30 day course. And I felt so lifted. Lastly she recommended I read Moonology™ by Yasmin Boland and a world opened up to me that had been dampened for so long. And the depression lifted. No drugs, just therapy, meditation and exercise. This combined with choosing to live in gratitude and working with the cycles of the moon has lifted that depression, I know for good this time, and my intuition has thrived.  I felt like I got my power back and with that an overwhelming desire to help you get yours back too.

I am thrilled to be a Certified Moonologer™ (Hay House) and have been immersing myself in many holistic modalities so I can work with my clients needs. These methods didn’t stop working when women were being burnt as witches, rather they were no longer being passed down for protection.  Yet awareness is growing of how powerful you can really be when you work with the Moon, the seasons and reconnect to your intuition, so let me be your guide.

This is my story and you will have yours. If you’d like to explore your needs with me I would love to hear from you.

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