Moonology™: For thousands of years, people throughout history have seen the benefits of working with the Lunar cycles in their daily lives.  Pliny the Elder, said to be the first Roman ‘naturalist’ talked about the Moon as a replenishment for the earth, “when she approaches it, she fills all bodies, while, when she recedes, she empties them.” Archaeologists suggest that through markings that have been unearthed, humankind has likely been paying attention to the New and Full Moons for as long as 25,000 years.

Farmers have worked with the Moon for centuries, using the Moon’s phases to guide their practice, and many still do today. Moonology™ is a term coined by global best selling astrologer Yasmin Boland, to describe the specific practice of working with the Moon to organise and ultimately boost your life.

Much like a farmer will see the New Moon to First Quarter as a ‘fertile’ time, a Moonologer™ sees this phase as ripe to dream your dreams and start your goals. Just as the Full Moon to Last Quarter is a phase for killing weeds, pruning and preparation, a Moonologer will see this as the time to ‘tidy’ and nurture, take some time out for self care, making good preparations for your upcoming wishing period to have a clean slate.

So, with the help of a certified Moonologer, each phase of the Moon can be applied to how you create your best life possible, and I would love to do this for you.

Applied Moonology then combines this information with the Zodiac and the 12 Houses which represent a different area of your daily life, allowing you to look at each area over the course of a year. It’s the ultimate in life planning but in a gentle, exciting and ultimately magical way!

I firmly believe the Moon practice of past generations never stopped working, rather it became dangerous to actively practice it from the seventeenth century so it died out. In the trials of the modern world, going back to something as naturalistic as working with the Moon cycles can be a welcome return and reconnect with Mother Nature, helping us all be conscious co-creators of our happiest life.



YOUR MOONOLOGY READINGLearn to Live in Sync with the Moon


Intrigued how the cycles of the Moon can enhance your life personally?

If you are interested in working with the lunar cycles further then this personalised Moonology™ reading with me I will introduce you to how to use the lunar cycle, the impact of the Moon in your birth chart, the placement of your houses, and how you can specifically use the next 12 months of lunations to work in your favour and step into your most powerful self. During this video call of circa 90 minutes, I’ll empower you with the tools of how to use them going forward.

I’ll introduce you to the magic of lunar living, where we embrace not only setting intentions but also releasing things that are holding us back, and most importantly, regularly.

Looking at your personal astrology we’ll review the 12 Houses that rule different aspects of your life such as career, love and home life. You’ll become armed with the wisdom of how to work with every New and Full Moon going forward, completely tailored to your birth chart.

I’ll use my astrological knowledge to give any intuitive guidance that may be useful for you to know looking at your birth chart and if time allows, draw some oracle cards for you.

After the session you will receive a pdf document of the slides from our session and a chart showing where the next 12 months of lunations will fall for you based on your birth chart.

Note this is not a full birth chart reading but rather focussed on the Moon in your personal astrology.

“That was so brilliant – I feel validated.” – E



For those who already have a little knowledge of their birth chart or their rising sign but want lunar and astrological guidance over a set period of time, or if you are purchasing a Birth Chart and want to add real time detail, I will provide you with a PDF report cast from your birth details of the next 12 months of the Moon’s lunations ahead.

The report will give an outlook of how to use these lunations and what will be of the most importance to acknowledge in various aspects of your life, and how to work with them. Applied Moonology can result in increased confidence in your decision making, such as when to purchase property or travel for example.

I offer both 12 and 6 month reports.

WEEKLY GUIDANCEYour Personal Lunar Guidance Every Monday

Consider me your personal Moonologer!

If you’re interested in Moonology, but don’t have the time or inclination to learn how to work with the lunar cycle in an in-depth way, let me be your guide.

I will cast your birth chart, and every Monday you will receive a circa ten minute voice note from me (usually via whatsapp*) outlining the lunar forecast especially for you that week. It’s like a weather report for your life…

I’ll talk through how the daily moon may affect you, any big lunations coming up and how to work with them, and even if there are any other planetary alignments in your chart you should be considerate of. And all for circa £11 a week!

After the first 4 weeks participants will be moved onto a rolling subscription which can be cancelled at the end of each four week period.

*if preferred the voice notes can be sent via email

“Love my notes. Love love love them. One of the best investments I’ve made this year! I always look forward to them on Monday.” – L

If you are planning on booking any of my services please read my terms and conditions here