Monthly New Moon Circles are Happening!

August 14, 20230

I am super happy that after my initial manifesting circle back in May, my online New Moon circles have become a regular monthly gathering.

After not being sure for so long what my online moon circles should look like, I am so thankful for the group who have been regularly coming to gather in the New Moon period.

My circles start with candid yet nourishing discussion. We open the circle and then the ‘floor’ to anyone who wants to share around the themes of the month, after I have explained a little of the energetics. It’s always wonderful to hear those who wish to share and give their insights, which so often are helpful to others. But if you’d rather just sit and reflect, that’s fine too.

The I will take the group through a ritual, usually a visualisation or meditation of some sort to take these themes through into our subconscious.

I cannot describe the heightened energy of being in a circle with others, it’s enlightening and energising I guess – but you should come and see for yourself:

My next New Moon Circle is on Tuesday 19th September (a heightened energetic day!) at 7:30pm BST on Zoom, where we will delve into all things Virgo.

I hope to see you soon

Lina x

new moon in virgo circle


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