Answer a Question with Moonology™


Your birth chart can be used to give lunar and astrological guidance on when the right time might be to do something specific in your personal or work life. Maybe you want to launch a new business this year but you’ve been hesitating? Maybe you want to buy a new house or move abroad? An invaluable tool for entrepreneurs and enthusiasts alike, I will cast your birth chart and look at the lunations coming up over the next 12 months, to guide you as to when may be the right time to go for your goals.

This is a written report using the Moonology method of working with the lunar cycles.

Note this does not include the Birth Chart Report unless you purchase it separately, but if you do add it you can add the coupon code moonmagic at checkout to save 10% (must have the Birth Chart Report in cart to qualify.)

Despite the name of this product, note all the work I do is to guide you to follow your own intuition to make decisions in your life. Please see my terms of service for more information.


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