Workshop: Autumn, The Moon and You




This workshop is for you if you naturally feel into Autumn energy. We’re entering ‘cosy’ season, when we naturally want to retreat inward, both physically and metaphorically! The Autumn is said to be our most intuitive time so here’s an Autumn intuition workshop you don’t want to miss…

You don’t have to be spiritual to work with the Moon and the seasons. They both can be the perfect ally in organising your life, which is what we all want to do in September right? That back to school energy gets us even when we are long out of it.  This workshop will help you

  • connect to your natural circadian rhythms
  • learn how to create the ideal morning and evening routines (and hold on to them during the dark of the winter)
  • how to strengthen your intuition as the nights draw in

When: Saturday 16th September 2pm BST / 9AM EST Online – Looking for the 10am BST workshop?? Click here

£ 22


“Just finished the working with the lunar cycles workshop with @linadellaluna. It was amazing, enlightening and full of advice on how to work with our magical and magnificent moon.” 



I am experimenting with different workshop dates. If this one doesn’t work for you but you are interested, please drop me a message and let me know! Please note workshops will only run with a minimum of three participants – so tell a friend!

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