Birth Chart Report


Intrigued about the position of the Moon and the planets are the time of your birth? I’ll cast your birth chart and arm you with an invaluable insight to your personality, from what motivates you to your potential weaknesses. Many people read star signs in newspapers and palm astrology off as vague, but that’s no surprise, as the ‘star’ sign (actually the position of the Sun at the time of your birth) covers a whole range of people born in that month. However, by casting your Natal or Birth chart, the celestial map of the exact sky at the moment you were born, we can decipher your Ascendant, or Rising Sign, which looks at the exact spot the sun was rising in the East the specific moment you were born. This in turn provides a much more accurate representation of you in the Zodiac, and, using this information combined with the positions of the planets and how they may harmonise or clash, again at the exact moment you were born, means I can accurately empower you with detailed information and guidance about how you work, love, and think to enhance your daily life and entrepreneurial decisions.

Your report will be delivered via a multiple and extensive pdf to the email address you provide within 7 days of purchase. Note this does not include a call with Lina to discus the report, that is available as an option add-on as the reports are extensive and usually need a period of digestion. Multiple reports for different persons can be purchased as details will be requested per each cart product.

IF THIS REPORT IS FOR YOU: Please fill in ALL of the data fields. If you don’t know your exact birth time, please add the closest time it may have been to 6am, 12pm, 6pm or 11pm

IF THIS REPORT IS A GIFT: You can leave the fields blank bar the name of the recipient. You are welcome to contact me for a digital voucher to gift, or just ask them to confirm their name when getting in contact to use the voucher (via my contact form)


Interested in adding a 6 or 12th Month Personalised Lunar Calendar to your order, or having guidance on a specific question? Enter the code moonmagic at checkout to save 10% (must have the Birth Chart Report in cart to qualify.)


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