Beginner’s Crystals Workshop


Learn to work with your crystals!




Beginner’s Crystals Workshop with Lina Della Luna


Have you become drawn to crystals but find they just sit around the house looking pretty?

Did you have the intention to ‘work’ with them but don’t really know how? Are they just pretty rocks or vibrational powerhouses??

Join me in this 2 hour workshop where we go back to the origins of working with crystals, look at the science behind them (yes there is an actual science), and discover what it can mean when we are drawn to a crystal. In the second part of the workshop I will take you through a guided meditation to connect with one of your crystals on a deeper level.


“My god last night was amazing. I can’t believe where I journeyed and I am looking at my labradorite on a whole different level now!” previous beginner’s crystals workshop participant


When: Tuesday 21st November at 7pm on Zoom. A link will be sent the day before the workshop with joining details. The workshop will be recorded if you can’t attend in person.


crystals workshop

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