Moonology™ Reading


If you are interested in working with the lunar cycles further then this personalised Moonology™ reading (circa 90 mins online) with Lina will introduce you to how to use the lunar cycles, the impact of the Moon in your birth chart, the placement of your houses, and how you can specifically use the next 12 months of lunations to work in your favour and step into your most powerful self. Lina will use her astrological knowledge to give any intuitive guidance that may be useful for you to know looking at your birth chart and if time allows, Lina will also draw some oracle cards for you.

Following the sale you will receive an email inviting you to book in at a time convenient to you for the call.

After the session you will receive a pdf document of the slides from our session and a chart showing where the next 12 months of lunations will fall for you based on your birth chart.

Note this is not a full birth chart reading but rather focussed on the Moon in your personal astrology.


ALREADY HAD A MOONOLOGY SESSION WITH ME? Take a look at getting your chart update here


IF THIS REPORT IS FOR YOU: Please fill in ALL of the data fields. If you don’t know your exact birth time, please add the closest time it may have been to 6am, 12pm, 6pm or 11pm

IF THIS REPORT IS A GIFT: You can leave the fields blank bar the name of the recipient. You are welcome to contact me for a digital voucher to gift, or just ask them to confirm their name when getting in contact to use the voucher (via my contact form)

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