Workshop: Work with the Phases of the Moon





Start working with the Phases of the Moon in 2024

Living in alignment with the phases of the Moon can bring a wealth of positivity into our lives, from prompting us to set our goals and intentions to also reminding us when to rest and release what no longer serves us. This Lunar Cycles workshop will give you all the basics you need to start living in alignment with the Moon, looking at each of the eight phases and how to use them, as well as connecting to the seasons so you can start to step back into your power living an aligned life. This is still suitable for beginners.

When: Monday 4th December 7pm online

£ 28

“Just finished the working with the lunar cycles workshop with @linadellaluna. It was amazing, enlightening and full of advice on how to work with our magical and magnificent moon.” 


If you love Moonology and Lunar Living this is for you!

Workshops will only run with a minimum of three participants – so tell a friend!