One Card Oracle Reading


Oracle cards are a wonderful tool for guiding you towards your own intuition when it comes to a particular question or issue you may need quick and simple guidance on. Alternatively you may look for general guidance at a particular point in the year such as the new year or on a birthday. There is a school of thought that they are more ‘gentle’ than Tarot. If you have never experienced divination or Tarot makes you uneasy (they get bad press thanks to the movies!), then this is a great way to dip your toe in.

This is a one card oracle reading which will be delivered via a medium such as whatsapp or video call. The intention is to give you a quick intuitive ‘nudge’ on something when you need it, without continued discussion. The booking form will ask for a mobile number and email and I will send it through whatsapp or email, after establishing what works for you. Try to think of the intention behind your question, when booking this service.


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