Online New Moon Circle: That New Term Feeling = Virgo




Online New Moon Circle:

For our September circle join us as we discuss the themes around the New Moon in Virgo.  What is it about September that always feels like a new school term despite us getting older and into the world of work?

We can feel energized to get organised, but as the days grow shorter, we actually want to be winding down for the Autumn, enjoying the fruits of our harvest and starting to prepare for winter.  Did you know the autumn is considered our most intuitive time?

With my online New Moon circles, which are open to any gender identity, I create a safe space for discussion around the holistic and spiritual areas of our life.

The first hour of the New Moon circle / session is conversation around the topic, allowing you to explore thoughts, feeling and ask questions in a safe space and then in the last part I will lead a meditation/visualisation to engage our subconscious around the themes.

I hope you can join me.

When: Tuesday 19th September at 7:30-9pm on Zoom

£ 11 



A link will follow on the day of the workshop with instructions to join. Please note this session will not be recorded.


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