Workshop: Welcoming the Moon into your Life




This workshop is for anyone who has heard about working with the moon and doesn’t know where to begin! Or maybe you’ve heard some things, read some things, but need someone to guide you through putting it together.

I will take you through how our ancestors used the Moon, and why even if you’re not into spirituality the Moon can be the perfect ally in organising and thriving in life. From setting goals at New Moon and releasing the things that are not serving you with the Full Moon, the Moon is the ultimate tool for taking control of your life for the better. This is the perfect introduction to welcoming the Moon’s energy into your life and once you start lunar living, you’ll not look back.

When: Thursday 2nd November 7:30-9pm via Zoom

£ 22

“Just finished the working with the lunar cycles workshop with @linadellaluna. It was amazing, enlightening and full of advice on how to work with our magical and magnificent moon.” 



Workshops will only run with a minimum of three participants – so tell a friend!

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