Starting 2024 not with New Year’s resolutions, but ‘soft’

January 3, 20240

Happy New Year!


Well we did it, we got through another year and here we are in 2024.

This is a very interesting year ahead, and energetically it’s looking good! I myself have 100% started SOFT. After three years of committing to living cyclically and more aligned to what nature is doing, this New Year is the first that I have truly, truly 100% leaned into it with not a damn bit of guilt.

Now, granted, I am self-employed, so I get that isn’t not so easy if you’re going back to work this week for an employer, but here’s a few things I am doing that you may want to consider for your ‘resolutions’:


🔸 not jumping back into a routine that feels like a shock after the festive season e.g. I am still allowing myself later starts and a smaller to-do list

🔸 not punishing my body for having indulged over the festivities, I will not waste food just because some fitness companies tell me I have to stop eating and lose weight now e.g. yes I did have a chocolate pudding after dinner last night

🔸 not jumping into a diet – see above! e.g. I’m not dieting at all, but I do want to eat more plant based this month, so have planned this week’s meals

🔸 keeping an out of office on which tells people emailing me I am starting the year slow

🔸 prioritised tidying before getting back to my desk [tidy home tidy mind and all of that]

🔸 not setting new years resolutions AT ALL

🔸 releasing the things I need to leave behind in 2023 with a burn ritual

🔸 giving gratitude for the lessons as well as the joy in 2023

🔸 loosely thinking ahead to any new habits or learning I need to bring certain intentions for this year into fruition e.g. I am looking up my local Yoga class as I have wanted to switch from pilates to yoga for a while and never done it!


The new year’s resolutions thing may seem odd, it’s a good thing to set intentions for the year right? Well yes, but only if it really feels right to you, and as a Moonologer/Astrologer it feels very wrong for me, at least until we get to the New Moon… 

Want to gently lean into new year intention setting?


Come join my ‘Cosy Sunday’ Gathering online on January 7th 2024, circa three hours from 3pm GMT: BOOK HERE


This isn’t a hardcore goal setting workshop, more a cosy Sunday vibes online gathering where we consider what to leave behind and where we might like to focus our needs for 2024.

I’ll start with a Moonology recap and note some key energies for the year ahead, before we settle in to a guided Wheel of Life exercise. This exercise looks at categories of life that help us live a fulfilling one. These could be Health, Relationships or Spirituality for example.

By the end of the exercise, we will have identified areas we have been holding resistance or lack of fulfilment and we can start to see where we might need to tailor some release and intentions.

Then I will guide you through a release ritual before finishing with a live drum journey to end the session on positive intentions.

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