The Summer of being a podcast guest!

September 16, 20230

In 2022 I popped the word ‘podcast’ on my vision board.

In all honesty this was a bit vague, I wanted to start speaking on podcasts but also want to start my own. And I will one day… But this summer I was a guest on not one but four (!) wonderful podcasts.

Being on these podcasts actually helped me learn things about myself too, whether through thoughtful questioning or insights into how I answered a question. Either way it’s been really insightful being a podcast guest and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to them too as I share them.


First up, I was a guest of the wedding photographers podcast, The Dot Cast. This is run by the education and networking organisation 9 Dots. But don’t think this podcast is not for you if you aren’t a wedding photographer. I speak to co-organiser Rahul Khona on the importance of self-care for the self-employed.

Holistic Business Coach Moonology


Rahul and I talk about developing good habits, the importance of morning and evening routines and setting good boundaries – which can all help reduce stress and anxiety.

So have a listen and I’d love to know any insights you feel in the comments below.


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