Eclipses reflect the Lunar Nodes – so what are they?

October 23, 20230

What are the Lunar Nodes?

You may have heard discussion around the Lunar Nodes this year, particularly in the summer or around now as we’re in Eclipse Season., but aren’t entirely sure what they are. Here’s a recap!

The Lunar or Moon’s Nodes aren’t planets or luminaries, they’re two points opposite each other in the sky that mark where the Moon’s orbit intersects with the Earth’s orbit (the path it takes around the Sun). The Nodes change signs every 18-20 months, and astrologically speaking, they were on the Taurus/Scorpio axis from January 2022 to July 2023. This position affects the Eclipses during this period, and if you have experienced significant shifts during those 18 months, chances are it is linked to where the signs sit on your chart.

Since July 2023, the Lunar Nodes moved to the Aries/Libra axis. Again, this will affect Eclipse periods as well as being an ‘era’ for you astrologically speaking.

To work this out, look at your rising sign like you would work out what to work with on a New or Full Moon. Your rising sign is always the sign occupying your first house. The houses Aries and Libra are triggering on your chart is where the transition of the Nodes is for you.

In the example below, this is a Gemini rising, and the Aries/ Libra axis is the 11th and 5th Houses. The 11th House is concerning friends, networks and hopes and dreams, vs the place of our joy, creativity, self-expression and children in the 5th house. These themes are what is being triggered for this period, creating shifts on a soul level, until the next transition into the Pisces/Virgo axis in January 2025.


birth chart showing Aries/Libra axis


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The Nodes of Destiny

The above name is also given to the Nodes because of what they can tell us in our chart.

The South Node (two circles at the top) tells us our comfort zone. In the above example you’ll see the South Node in the 8th House.  We’ll have patterns learned in past lives or childhood that we ideally would let go of to grow. It’s likely you’ll bring in these traits from a past life – these are the things that come naturally to you, whether positive or problematic.

The North Node (two circles at the bottom) is the path to happiness and fulfilment for you. It will always be the polarity of the South, so we see it in the 2nd House for the example chart above. It won’t be the most comfortable space as you worth through, but if you allow yourself to push outside your parameters, learning lessons in this lifetime to move away from that comfort space, you’ll be heading into your destiny and purpose. If you’ve been struggling to identify your purpose in this lifetime, your node placement could be the key you need.

So when the nodes shift, parts of our lives enter into an eighteen month era. You can use this to review past ‘eras’ of your life: for example, what happened in your life between January 2022 and July 2023? Had there been any particular shifts or lessons for you? Was it steady, feeling in flow?

The nodes shifted into the Aries/Libra axis in mid July this year – do you know where this is in your birth chart? Whatever houses these signs are in may be a marker to where you may be in a new phase of life…

For me, it’s always fascinating to see the patterns even as a collective: before the last phase the nodes were triggering Gemini/Sagittarius from May 2020 until January 2022. These signs directly represent our local world and community ♊ vs the bigger picture of a global planet ♐ … and remember where we all were during that period… 😷

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